Digital Books Project

This year, the Cambodia Partnership is initiating a Digital Books Project to support the students at Children with Hope for Development (CHD), located in Po Village, Cambodia. CHD seeks to provide an environment for children in this rural region of Cambodia where they can learn valuable language, math, computer, and other skills which will increase their job opportunities. CHD also seeks to build the self-confidence of its students through programs and activities. For the past 3 years, the student non-profit organization Global Peace Exchange located at Florida State University has supported CHD in its efforts.

The benefits of digital books are that they can be sent to CHD year-round and are not reliant on volunteers to deliver physical books in-person. Digital books are not limited by quantity or weight, and they can provide an interactive experience for the reader which enhances comprehension and learning.

So how exactly do we create these digital books? That’s where you come in! The GPE Cambodia Partnership needs your help to create these interactive digital books which can provide students at CHD a wealth of information and practical use of their English skills.

Here is how you can help us with this project:

  1. Write a non-fiction or fiction book using PowerPoint. Remember to check your spelling and grammar. The book can be any topic you choose, but should be at a level suitable for beginning English learners.
  2. Insert images, illustrations, photos, videos, and/or sounds to accompany the book.
  3. Add an audio recording of yourself reading each “page” or slide so that the reader has the opportunity to hear the words from a native speaker. This aids greatly with pronunciation.
  4. Include links to references if you used any for a non-fiction book.

Optional ideas: Add a quiz or other interactive component or an “about me” section

Here are examples of a non-fiction book and a fiction book:

Non-fiction Book

Once you have finished your digital book, please email it to